Apps like TikTok? Best 3 TikTok Alternatives for Android & iOs

TikTok Alternatives for Android & iOS

What is the latest trend nowadays in terms of the social network? Of course, that’s Video Social Network.

If you are on social media and checking regular updates, I am sure your feed has some videos where people do sing, act, dance and do many more things. Mostly, teenagers are aficionado with this and they are winning the social media with their feeds.

Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps for Android 2019

Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps for Android 2019

Online privacy is something that people expect now. They are quickly growing savvy to the idea that they generate data every time they browse the internet. Even a simple search for the xfinity customer service number generates data that corporations collect.

Evolution of Web Design

Web design has progressed significantly since 1991 when the first ever website was published. Only content based, this first website denoted the beginning of what might turn into a digital revolution.

Personal Branding: How to Set Up an Effective Strategy


Creating and managing one’s own personal and professional image on the Web, to make it a real brand, means setting up a Personal Branding strategy: “the art of selling oneself in a manner similar to what happens with commercial products”.

How to Save OST File as PST Without Any Omission of Data

How to Save OST File as PST Without Any Omission of Data

Microsoft Outlook is the versatile application of MS Office Suite that let users manage their personal information and allows them to communicate with others. Using this application users can handle email messages, tasks, contacts, appointments and many other activities.

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